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(1951)Texas Carnival

Debbie Telford and Cornie Quinell work at a carnival, where they meet wealthy Texan Dan. Dan enters a drinking marathon with Cornie and asks him to deliver his car to … Continue reading

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(1939)At the Circus

At the Circus” features the Marx Brothers working together to save a circus from closing. Circus owner Jeff needs $10,000 to pay off his business partner, John. In an effort … Continue reading

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(1936)Charlie Chan at the Circus

The Chinese sleuth takes his brood to the circus and solves a murder by a snake charmer. Cast Warner Oland as Charlie Chan Keye Luke as Lee Chan George Brasno … Continue reading

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(1934)The Circus Clown

Former circus clown Chuckles Howard struggles to keep his son, Happy, away from circus life, but Happy has secretly developed an act and waits for his opportunity to try out … Continue reading

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(1932)The Chimp

Two bumbling circus performers drive the circus to ruin, ending up with a flea circus and chimp. Cast Stanley Laurel (Himself) Oliver Hardy (Himself) Tiny Sandford (Destructo) Billy Gilbert (Landlord) … Continue reading

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The End of “The Greatest Show on Earth”

By Chris Berry Nearly a week after the final performance, many of us are still trying to make sense of what happened to the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey … Continue reading

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(1928)The Circus

Wrongfully accused of criminal acts, a tramp unwittingly ducks into a big top, where his bumbling attempts to avoid pursuing police officers earn the laughter and applause of the circus-goers. … Continue reading

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(1927)Mickey’s Circus

In the first of the silent Mickey McGuire comedies starring Mickey Rooney, Mickey decides to set up his own circus to entertain the neighborhood kids. Cast: Mickey Rooney as Mickey … Continue reading

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(1925)Sally of the Sawdust

When Sally’s circus mother dies after being disowned, she is raised by Eustace McGargle, a juggler and con man. McGargle trains Sally to dance for his opening act, and the … Continue reading

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List of Circus & Carnival Themed Films & Documentaries

There seems to be no complete list that chronicles a full or even somewhat complete filmography of circus and carnival themed films or┬ádocumentaries. To fill that void, I will be … Continue reading

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