Sound Stage 28

Established 2014

(1996)Sideshow: Alive on the Inside

These real, amazing and very human stories reawakened interest in the bizarre and eccentric world of the circus and carnival sideshow, turning the spotlight on the legendary headliners of yesteryear and their modern-day counterparts who have chosen to be sideshow performers and found real happiness in their strange careers. This revealing look takes viewers backstage for an unforgettable glimpse at the world’s most fascinating personalities. Narrated by Jason Alexander. An entertaining cult hit co-produced with TLC, one of cable network’s all-time, top-rated programs. Features Percilla the Monkey Girl, Jeanie Tomaini, Melvin Burkhardt, Siamese Twins Ronnie and Donnie Gaylon, the Wolf Boys of Mexico, Sandy Allen and more.


  • Jason Alexander as the Narrator
  • Percilla Bejano as Herself
  • Ronnie Galyon as Himself
  • Donnie Galyonx as Himself
  • Jeanie Tomaini as Herself
  • James Taylor as Himself
  • Popeye Perry as Himself
  • Judy Rock as Herself
  • Johann Petursson as Himself
  • Melvin Burkhart as Himself
  • Roy Gumpel as Himself
  • Ward Hall as Himself
  • Pete Terhune as Himself
  • Johnny Meah as Himself
  • Schlitze as Himself
  • Bruce Snowdon as Himself (Harold Huge)
  • Mike Wilson as Himself
  • Jim Galyonas Himself
  • Wesley Galyon as Himself
  • Harry Rawls as Himself
  • Charlie Roark as Himself
  • Sandra Elaine Allen as Herself
  • Robert Wadlow as Himself
  • Harvey Lee Boswell as Himself (Capt. Harvey Lee Boswell)
  • Daisy Hilton as Herself
  • Violet Hilton as Herself
  • Robert L. Ripley as Himself
  • Leslie Fiedler as Himself
  • Emmett Bejano as Himself
  • Cathy Berry as Herself (Cathy Stiles)
  • Grady Stiles III as Himself
  • Grady Stiles Jr. as Himself
  • Harry Glenn Newman III as Himself
  • Rob North as Himself
  • Frank Richards as Himself
  • D.C. Collins as Himself
  • Red Stuart as Himself
  • Gloria Rhoden as Herself
  • Bobby Reynolds as Himself
  • Dick Zigun as Himself
  • Jim Rose as Himself
  • Justinian Morton as Himself
  • Jerry Springer as Himself
  • The Enigma as Himself
  • Joe Herrman as Himself (Mr. Lifto)
  • Sally Jessy Raphael as Herself
  • Danny Gomez as Himself
  • Larry Gomez as Himself
  • Neal Alexander as himself
  • Julius Chick as himself
  • Ian Gumpel as reenactor
  • Giovanni Iulianni as himself
  • Joe Laurello as Himself
  • Peter Mano as reenactor
  • Harley Newman as himself
  • Randy Rylander as Harley Newman


  • Produced by Lynn Dougherty
  • Executive producer is Tim Miller
  • Co-Producer is Chip Roughton
  • Associate Producer is Randy Rylander

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