Sound Stage 28

Established 2014

(1928)Laugh, Clown, Laugh

A clown named Tito Beppi adopts orphaned Simonetta and they begin to travel and perform in the circus together. As Simonetta grows into a beautiful young woman, Tito eventually falls in love with her. Though the girl actually has eyes for the young and noble Count Ravelli, she pretends to want the kindly clown because she is unwilling to break his heart. When Tito realizes that he stands in the way of her happiness, things turn tragic.


  • Lon Chaney as Tito/Flik
  • Loretta Young as Simonetta
  • Nils Asther as Count Luigi Ravelli
  • Bernard Siegel as Simon
  • Cissy Fitzgerald as Giacinta
  • Gwen Lee as Lucretia


  • Directed by Herbert Brenon & Ray Lissner

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