Sound Stage 28

Established 2014

(1963)Papa’s Delicate Condition

A railroad inspector’s wife and children live with his tippling in circa-1900 Texas. To impress his six-year-old daughter Corinne, he spends the family’s savings to buy his own circus, simply so the little girl can have her own pony.


  • Jackie Gleason as Jack Griffith
  • Glynis Johns as Ambolyn Griffith
  • Linda Bruhl as Corinne Griffith
  • Charles Ruggles as Mayor Ghio
  • Laurel Goodwin as Augusta
  • Ned Glass as Mr. Sparrow
  • Murray Hamilton as Mr. Harvey
  • Elisha Cook, Jr. as Mr. Keith
  • Charles Lane as Mr. Cosgrove
  • Claude Johnson as Norman
  • Don Beddoe as Mayor Ghio’s assistant
  • Juanita Moore as Ellie
  • Trevor Bardette as Stanley Henderson II


  • Directed by George Marshall
  • Produced by Jack Rose
  • Cinematography by Loyal Griggs

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