Sound Stage 28

Established 2014

(1954)3 Ring Circus

Two ex-GIs join a woman’s circus as assistants to a trapeze artist and lion tamer.


  • Dean Martin as Peter “Pete” Nelson
  • Jerry Lewis as Jerome F. “Jerry” Hotchkiss
  • Joanne Dru as Jill Brent
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor as Saadia
  • Wallace Ford as Sam Morley
  • Sig Ruman as Colonel Fritz Schlitz, Lion Tamer
  • Gene Sheldon as Puffo the Clown
  • Nick Cravat as Timmy
  • Elsa Lanchester as The Bearded Lady


  • Directed by Joseph Pevney
  • Produced by Hal B Wallis

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