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List of Circus & Carnival Themed Films & Documentaries

There seems to be no complete list that chronicles a full or even somewhat complete filmography of circus and carnival themed films or documentaries. To fill that void, I will be starting such a list here on this day, May 21st, 2017…the day of the final Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance. This list will grow as I find more films to add. This list will not include lost films.




  • (1940)Chad Hanna
  • (1941)Dumbo
  • (1946)Here Comes the Circus
  • (1947)Circus Animals
  • (1949)Circus Day in Our Town


  • (1951)Texas Carnival
  • (1952)The Greatest Show on Earth
  • (1953)Lili
  • (1953)Man on a Tightrope
  • (1953)Sawdust and Tinsel
  • (1954)3 Ring Circus
  • (1954)Carnival Story
  • (1954)La Strada(The Road)
  • (1954)Ring of Fear
  • (1955)King of the Carnival
  • (1956)Trapeze
  • (1959)The Big Circus
  • (1959)The Flying Fontaines


  • (1960)Circus of Horrors
  • (1960)Toby Tyler
  • (1962)Billy Rose’s Jumbo
  • (1963)Papa’s Delicate Condition
  • (1964)7 Faces of Dr. Lao
  • (1964)Circus World
  • (1964)Roustabout
  • (1965)Viva Maria!
  • (1966)Circus Day
  • (1966)Denny Furbush Presents The Circus: 1966
  • (1966)Psycho Circus(Circus of Fear)
  • (1966)Rings Around the World
  • (1967)Berserk!
  • (1967)The Clown and the Kids
  • (1968)Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: Ratlos(Artists in the Big Top: Perplexed)


  • (1970)I Clown
  • (1970)Mera Naam Joker
  • (1972)Vampire Circus
  • (1976)High Grass Circus
  • (1976)World Within a Ring
  • (1978)El circo de Capulina(The Circus of Capulina)
  • (1978)Thampu
  • (1978)The Great Wellendas
  • (1979)Clown Festival


  • (1980)Carny
  • (1981)Carnival Magic
  • (1981)Freedom(submitted by Marc Perry)
  • (1981)My Father the Circus King
  • (1981)Some Call Them…Freaks
  • (1981)The Funhouse
  • (1981)When the Circus Came to Town
  • (1986)Barnum
  • (1986)Barnum!
  • (1987)How To Be A Clown
  • (1988)Big Top Pee-Wee
  • (1989)Santa Sangre(Holy Blood)



  • (2000)Ringling Brothers: Kings of the Circus
  • (2002)Starkess: Circus Girls in India
  • (2005)Balancing Acts
  • (2005)Traveling Sideshow: Shocked and Amazed
  • (2006)Dark Ride
  • (2007)American Carny: True Tales from the Circus Sideshow
  • (2007)Freakshow
  • (2008)Cat Dancers
  • (2008)Circus Rosaire
  • (2009)Cirque du Freak:The Vampire’s Assistant
  • (2009)The Butterfly Circus


  • (2009)The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia
  • (2010)The Last Circus
  • (2011)Circus Dreams
  • (2011)Hey Rube! Ft. The Monsters of Schlock
  • (2011)The Clown
  • (2011)Water for Elephants
  • (2012)The Devil’s Carnival
  • (2012)Without a Net
  • (2013)World Circus
  • (2014)The Flight Fantastic
  • (2015)After Circus
  • (2015)The Show of Shows
  • (2015)Wild Women-Gentle Beast

Television Programs

  • American Horror Story: Freak Show(2014-2015)
  • Bozo’s Circus(1961-1980)
  • Circus Boy(1956-1958)
  • Dumbo’s Circus(1985-1986)
  • Super Circus(1951-1952)

Television Episodes

  • Mister Rodgers’ Neighborhood (Season 18, Episode 5, 11/27/1987)
  • Rugrats (Season 9, Episode 5a, Clown Around, 2003)

Television News Specials

  • Twin Tiers Sunday with Host Jennifer Sheahen: Cole Brothers Circus(2015)

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